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Casualty spoilers: Charlie in crisis – and Robyn’s agony

Worried Charlie in Casualty on the phone at work
(Image credit: BBC)

Charlie Fairhead reaches breaking point when Duffy’s dementia worsens, Robyn’s hurting, and Mason’s steep learning curve continues in Casualty

Warning: Contains spoilers about Charlie and Duffy Fairhead, Robyn Miller, David Hide and many more Casualty favourites

Chuffy in crisis

Duffy gets dressed for work, but it scared when Charlie insists she stays at home

Stranger danger. Duffy is scared when Charlie insists she stays at home with a stranger while he goes to work... (Image credit: BBC)

During their long history, original Casualty nurses Charlie Fairhead and Lisa ‘Duffy’ Duffin have had highs and lows. But through it all they’ve had each other. This week that special bond reaches breaking point when Charlie (Derek Thompson) struggles to cope with his wife’s declining condition.

The crisis unfolds when Charlie realises he can’t afford to care for Duffy, who is living with dementia, at home long-term… despite the fact they’ve both devoted their adult lives to working for the NHS. It’s a real blow for Charlie to discover they’re not eligible for financial assistance, and adds to the immense strain he’s already under…

Meanwhile, confused Duffy (Cathy Shipton (opens in new tab)) gets dressed and ready for work, so heartbroken Charlie must remind her she needs to stay at home with new carer Sian (Suzann McLean (opens in new tab)), while he heads to the ED alone.

Pressure mounts at the hospital when close friend nurse Robyn Miller makes it clear she hasn’t forgiven Charlie for recklessly recommending Duffy as a babysitter for her daughter Charlotte. Soon the cracks start to show, and lonely Charlie takes his frustrations out on patients and co-workers.

Later, stressed Charlie needs to return home when Sian’s son falls ill, where an agitated Duffy accuses him of having an affair! Heartbroken Charlie leaves Duffy with new agency carer, Holly, and returns to work, only to have an explosive public row with Robyn. Unable to cope, Charlie goes missing, causing major concern for those who know him best…

Concern David talks to upset Charlie, who is sitting on the floor in quiet desperation

Charlie's quiet desperation. Charlie's on the ropes, but David's determined his pal won't throw in the towel... (Image credit: BBC)

With the ED overwhelmed by a patient backlog will distressed Charlie fall through the cracks?

Robyn haunted by fear

Robyn at home surrounded by Christmas presents

Suffering Robyn Miller strikes Charlie from her Christmas list (Image credit: BBC)

Never have we wanted to wrap two characters in cotton wool more than Charlie and Duffy this week. But please spare a thought for their close friend Robyn Miller. After thinking the worst may have happened when Charlotte went missing last week, this week she’s suffering extreme anxiety about her daughter’s safety.

Still unable to forgive Charlie for his part in Charlotte’s disappearance Robyn (Amanda Henderson (opens in new tab)) has a run-in with him, that leaves younger nurse Marty shocked!

Her accusations may prove to be Mr Fairhead’s final straw… but Robyn is characteristically kind to her core, so fingers crossed she reaches out to Charlie when he needs her most.

MORE: Amanda Henderson explains why Robyn's trust in Charlie is broken (opens in new tab)

Also in Casualty this week

Hung over Will Noble with Archie Hudson at work

The morning after! Don't worry Will Noble isn't crying, he's hungover. Archie Hudson shields him from Dylan (Image credit: BBC)

Acting clinical lead Dylan Keogh demotes Mason to minors after some arrogant behaviour in Resus. Mason’s spirit is uncrushable however, and he turns his attentions to helping jealous husband Mark patch things up with his missus… But with guest star Stephen Pinder playing Mark (wife killer Max Farnham in Brookside) nothing is as it seems!

Rash relishes the opportunity to return to Resus with Dylan.

Ruby and Lev are called to attend two naughty golfers who’ve been entertaining themselves in the rough.

Archie Hudson covers for an extremely hungover Will Noble in some entertaining scenes.

And David devotes himself to saving Charlie when a series of unhappy events take their toil on the senior nurse, bringing him metaphorically to his knees and literally to the hospital floor.

Find out more when Casualty airs on Saturday 07 December 2019 at 9.20pm

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