Casualty spoilers: Eddie McAllister confronts Alicia!

Alicia Casualty
Alicia is left shaken after a horrible encounter with Eddie. Can Bea help her? (Image credit: BBC)

Alicia is shaken when her attacker, junior doctor Eddie McAllister, corners her at work…

It’s a harrowing time for doctor Alicia Munroe as she struggles to deal with being sexually assaulted by charming and popular junior doctor Eddie McAllister.

After Alicia suffers another night of torment and nightmares she agrees to go to the local Sexual Assault Referral Clinic (SARC) with her junior doctor friend Bea Kinsella – the only other person who knows what happened - but on the condition they pretend they’re getting information to help vulnerable patients. At the clinic Alicia isn’t ready to open up about her ordeal and is still in denial and blaming herself. Later at work, fragile Alicia begins to unravel as she’s forced to work side-by-side with her attacker

Alicia Casualty

No more Mr Nice Guy. Eddie turns on Alicia (Image credit: BBC)

Over the course of the shift Eddie keeps trying to ingratiate himself with Alicia. She eventually snaps at him, leading to a heated confrontation that leaves Alicia visibly shaken. Will she continue to keep silent?

Meanwhile, Eddie seems to be a big hit with the rest of the ED team. Charlie invites him to join the pub quiz team, and Rash is grateful when confident Eddie encourages him to ask Gem to accompany them.

Ruby Casualty

One bag or two? Ruby's terrified of making another mistake at work... (Image credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, new paramedic Ruby Sparks attempts to keep a low profile at work after her disastrous first day last week. Co-worker Sam Nicholls, however, is irritated when Ruby checks every decision with her before taking action. When paramedic boss Jan Jenning overhears Sam telling colleague Iain Dean that Ruby is a liability, Jan asks to speak to Sam later…

Sam Casualty

Secrets and lies! Can Sam and Jacob's relationship survive? (Image credit: BBC)

Also this week, Louise gets a court summons over her failure to play the extortionate hospital car parking fines. While Robyn is terrified Louise will discover she’s secretly been paying her fines! And Jacob lies to Sam about telling his teenage son Blake they’re an item. Surely Sam will never find out?!

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