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Casualty spoilers: Hostage horror for Connie, Charlie, Faith and Dylan!

The moment Connie was taken hostage by Mick
The moment Connie was taken hostage by Mick (Image credit: Alistair Heap)

Everything you need to know about Connie, Charlie, Faith and Dylan’s dramatic hostage siege in Casualty

Warning: Contains spoilers about Connie Beauchamp, Charlie Fairhead and many more Casualty favourites...

Fateful, fatal day for Charlie?

Grieving Charlie Fairhead turns up at the ED this week in a terrible temper. The ex-nurse been ordered to return his ID badge and uniform, otherwise he won’t get his last paycheque!

Dishevelled, angry and stinking of booze, Charlie (Derek Thompson) bumps into ex-con Mick. He’s desperate to see son, Connor, who is being treated in the ED, and Charlie – who has no love left for Holby Hospital - advises him not to take no for an answer.

But what Charlie doesn’t realise is Mick is hiding something...

Charlie’s grudge and the gunman

After his encounter with Mick, Charlie heads into the ED where former friend Connie Beauchamp spots him and reaches out. But Charlie’s having none of it and viciously accuses her of ruining his wife Duffy’s reputation before she died!

At this point frantic Mick pulls a gun, grabs Connie (Amanda Mealing) by the neck and takes her hostage! Mick forces Connie and Charlie into the Resus bay where Dylan and Faith are treating Connor and his social worker Ruth...

Charlie quickly learns that Mick is the reason both Connor and Ruth are seriously ill, as Mick tried to kidnap Connor during a supervised meeting earlier that day!

What unfolds is devastating. With Connor and Ruth’s lives both hanging in the balance, fearless Faith attempts to tackle Mick, shots are fired, and Dylan risks his life to protect Faith!

There’s one glimmer of hope, however, Mick sees Charlie as his ally…

As armed police circle Resus, can Charlie prevent a bloodbath?

Also in Casualty this week

Tired of being the focus of Will Noble’s anger, Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) sets the record straight.

Reeling from Ethan's revelations, when the ED is evacuated Will admits to himself that he wants Fenisha back, not realising she’s still pregnant with Ethan’s baby!

Will (Jack Nolan) decides to ask Fenisha to give their relationship a second chance… How will she respond?

Elsewhere, Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) tries to keep a cool head and assist the police when Connie and co are taken hostage. Faith’s paramedic husband Lev, however, struggles with his emotions. As Lev is overcome with fear and anger, will Jacob be able to calm him down?

This episode of Casualty airs on Saturday 30 May 2020 at 8.40pm on BBC1.

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