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Celebs on the Farm – 5STAR/Channel 5

Celebs on the Farm 5 Star and Channel 5

Eight famous faces spend 10 days tending to animals, mucking out and performing other duties under the instruction of farmer Chris Jeffery

Prepare for two weeks of mud, sweat and tears as eight celebrities swap the glamour of the showbiz circuit for life on the farm in this new 10-part weeknight series.

After turning up in an outfit more suitable for a film premiere than looking after livestock, glamour girl Charlotte Dawson is the first to come a cropper in her high heels.

But she’s not the only one a country mile out of her comfort zone.

Actor Lorraine Chase is another of the eight celebrities taking part in the challenge.

Celebs on the Farm 5 Star and Channel 5

Lorraine Chase is one of eight celebrities swapping the high life for the sty life

"What I’m enjoying is learning so much," she explains.

"I’ve learnt how to hold a chicken and how to hold on to an alpaca’s head gently."

"They don’t like their head or neck touched, so you have to scoop their head up into your shoulder so he can be examined. I’ve also learnt how to lift his paw pads to trim his nails"

This week’s first episode (showing on Channel 5 as well as 5Star) sees the wannabe farmers get to grips with life on Lunsford Farm on the Sussex coast, but how many of them will muck in when the going gets tough?

Continues weeknights on 5Star.

TV Times rating: ****