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Chrissie takes a saucy selfie!

Chrissie White, Rakesh Kotecha
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Chrissie forces Rakesh to take up her indecent proposal – and selfies the evidence…

*Hour-long episode*

When Rishi and Priya find out a whole heap of money has gone missing from the factory’s bank account, they call Rakesh, who vows to sort it. But for broke Rakesh, who’s in it up to his neck, that means calling Chrissie who’s ‘offered’ to bail him out in return for sex!

But why is she snapping a selfie of the bent lawyer kissing her neck?

With their partners not giving them the support they need, Dan and Nicola are growing ever closer. Starting to fall for Nicola, Dan has to paint on a smile as he heads home with Kerry and tries to hide his jealousy at the sight of Nicola with Jimmy.

Joanie tries to distract Zak from worrying about Belle by kissing him passionately. But Joanie’s plan backfires as Zak ends up missing a call from his missing daughter!