Crank: High Voltage

(Image credit: Photo Justin Lubin)

Jason Statham picks up the pace to heart-stopping for this ridiculously entertaining action sequel

"I'm going to ask you this question one time - who's got my strawberry tart?" In the thick of the frenzied action, Brit tough guy Jason Statham really looks as though he's enjoying himself as LA hitman Chev Chelios, who is seized by a Triad gang and has his heart stolen and replaced with an artificial one whose battery needs to be regularly recharged.

That plot's the clue: yes, with everything even more preposterous and bizarrely contrived than last time round, this ridiculous sequel provides more of the same breathless, spectacularly entertaining action. It may be a shade reprehensible, but writer-directors Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine know what their job is and exactly how to do it.