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Crash terror!

(Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

At the start of their shift, things get pretty heated for paramedics Jeff and Tamzin when Jeff suddenly confesses he loves her. But while Tamzin's still reeling from the shock, the day takes a dramatic turn when a call comes in that there's a serious road crash involving members of the ED staff.

Paramedics Jeff and his estranged wife Dixie are first to arrive at the scene and are horrified to find their colleagues trapped in a mangled minibus. Clinical lead Connie, consultant doctor Ash, ED doctors Ethan and Lily and nurse manager Tess were on their way to visit a failing hospital when their minibus was blindsided by a Land Rover.

With driver Ethan and passenger Ash seriously injured and still trapped in the wreckage, the race is on to free them before they lose too much blood.

With emotions running high, Tamzin arrives at the scene and tells Jeff that she loves him, too. Reluctantly, Jeff's wife Dixie agrees to a divorce so it looks like the couple have a bright future together...