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Crime and Punishment - C4

composite pic of various people involved in the criminal justice system

Crime and Punishment looks at the criminal justice system from top to toe. The results are not always pretty

Channel 4's Crime and Punishment is a hard-hitting documentary series exploring every area of the criminal justice system from both sides of the law.

Filmed over two years, it follows the work of police, probation, prison, prosecution and parole as all the limbs of the criminal justice system manage risks to the public using limited resources, while also dealing with offenders who can’t seem to escape the system.

A man handcuffed to a police officer

Cuffed: but is the system working the way it should?

This first episode shines a light on the 3,000-plus prisoners who are serving IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) sentences.

Even though IPP was abolished in 2012, these prisoners still don’t know when or if they’ll be released.

It's a powerful and fascinating documentary, which looks at the everyday dilemmas and decisions facing justice professionals.

TV Times rating: ****