Dale’s cycling dreams dashed?

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Wannabe professional cyclist Dale has been piling pressure on himself for months. But unknown to everyone, Dale’s has been skipping meals in a bid to get his weight down.

All Dale’s training might come to nothing this week when the stressed out teen finally competes to join a professional cycling team. With his vision affected, and feeling lightheaded and dizzy, the underweight schoolboy pushes himself to the limits…

When Dale collapses after the trials, his school guardian Maggie confronts him about the laxatives and weight chart she found under his bed. Having no option, Dale’s coach has to pull Dale from the professional team, leaving the talented young cyclist devastated…

Elsewhere, Kenzie’s relationship with her mother Ailsa reaches an all-time low and she storms out of the house. Boyfriend Justin helps Kenzie sort out accommodation at the schoolhouse, and secretly asks her ex Scott to have a word with Ailsa. After all, it’s his fault mother and daughter have fallen out, as he bedded them both!

Ailsa and Kenzie manage to reconcile, and she moves back home. Later, back at Waterloo Road, Scott tries to kiss Kenzie and very nearly lets him!

Leo offers to help Bonnie protect herself from her vile cyber bullies. His mother Olga is furious, however, when she discovers Leo’s been using Bonnie’s computer to fuel his gaming addiction!

Abdul’s world comes crashing down when his father, Hassan, is forced to admit he’s adopted! Abdul breaks into his dad’s bike shop and finds his birth certificate, which reveals he was born in Pakistan. Why is his father lying to him?

School secretary Sonya continues to let her colleagues believe she has cancer. And a jealous Lisa swears she’s going to break up her twin Lenny’s relationship with Carrie!

TBC: This episode airs on the 9th February on BBC3 at 8.30pm and BBC1 at 10.45pm

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