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Will Daniel and Zara get arrested?

Daniel Granger in Doctors
(Image credit: BBC)

Daniel and Zara are caught having some al fresco fun in the park

Daniel and Zara go to park for a picnic, but Daniel has more in mind. He leads her to a secluded spot and they get down to business but are interrupted by Mrs Arrow, who's shocked to discover two GPs frolicking. She calls the police, and Rob attends. Will everyone find out about Zara and Rob's alfresco secret?

Ayesha goes on her date with Seb and is surprised when Tyler turns up as well. It's excruciating for Ayesha as they each try to impress her and outwit the other - so much so, that a fight breaks out. Throughout it all, will Ayesha see that Seb is not the one for her?

Also, Ruhma has a patient who has miscarried multiple times, and thinks she's pregnant again.