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Dean is pushed to the edge

Buster has it out with Shirley, discovering that she did meet their granddaughter after all. Shirley explains her reasoning, revealing that Jade has Cystic Fibrosis. Breaking down on Buster over her fears, Shirley is stunned when Buster proposes! Declining Buster's offer, she tells him to keep his mouth shut over Jade as Dean can't know the truth.

Dean walks in, having been kicked out by Roxy, overhearing part of Shirley and Buster's conversation. Demanding to know what they're hiding from him, Dean gives Shirley a few home truths about how to be a decent parent. Storming out, Dean heads to Blades, smashing all the mirrors, then breaks down in Buster's arms. After Buster leaves, Roxy finds Dean and tells him whatever people think she wants to be with him.

Shirley, meanwhile, reminisces with Denise about the past, prompting her into a decision. Getting some cash, Shirley heads to Blades where she tells Dean that she'll stand by him. Taking Dean to see Jade, Shirley asks to see Jade's foster father. Shirley asks his permission to do a DNA test to see if Dean really is Jade's dad and her foster father agrees.

Also, there's more tension between Charlie and Roxy after Ronnie and Roxy come to blows over Roxy's mystery man.