Deep Blue Sea - 5Spike

A shark spots some lunch

Intelligent sharks go on the rampage in this preposterous but enjoyable monster movie. 3/5 stars

'Stay out of the water!' is the wise advice ignored (for dramatic purposes) by most of the human bait in this tale of an ocean-going research station whose fishy denizens are being given increased brain mass in the name of finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Disaster strikes after a massive storm allows the superintelligent sharks to escape, leaving the crew, led by scientist Saffron Burrows - who spouts terrible lines such as 'We've had some problems with the facility' in her ever-so-posh English accent - and diver Thomas Jane to try to stay off the lunch menu. 

Despite the daft premise, this film manages to keep the shocks coming and is surprisingly entertaining. Samuel L Jackson and Stellan Skarsgård are also around to give the sharks something to chew on, Jane makes a decent hero and LL Cool J has the pick of the comic lines as a cook who finds himself in deep water.