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Dixie’s baby revelation!

(Image credit: BBC)

When grieving mum, Suzy, snatches a baby from a car crash and tries to pass him off as her own in this week’s Casualty, Dixie’s the only person who realises what’s happened!

Holby is on high alert as the police, press and public desperately try to find out who’s kidnapped baby Tom. By pure chance Dixie is called to treat Suzy’s elderly neighbour and begins to piece together that the baby ‘girl’ Suzy claims is her daughter is actually missing infant Tom!

Following her instinct Dixie talks to Suzy’s injured neighbour who reveals Suzy’s baby daughter tragically died six weeks earlier. Dixie then finds Suzy dangerously close to the edge of a pier clutching the baby she snatched!

Dixie manages to calm Suzy down and rescue Tom. But afterwards she’s forced to confront her own desire to have a baby. She opens up to paramedic pal, Iain, about her dreams to adopt and he tells her to seize the day. So Dixie applies for adoption!

Elsewhere, Robyn is utterly smitten with Zach and dreaming of a future with the hunky courier. And a mischievous terminal cancer patient tricks Cal into posing nude for a pretend charity calendar! He also leaves Cal contemplating his directionless life.

Meanwhile, Charlie takes drastic action when he discovers his heroin-addicted son, Louis, is still using. Louis agrees to let his dad lock him into his room to help him go cold turkey…