Doctor Who

A new companion for the Doctor as Peter Capaldi’s final series begins
(Image credit: BBC)

There's a new companion for the Doctor as Peter Capaldi's final series begins...

It's an eventful initiation into the intergalactic timey-wimey world of the TARDIS for Bill Potts when she becomes the Doctor's companion for Peter Capaldi’s last series.

Feisty and openly gay, Bill (Pearl Mackie) works in a university canteen but begins the adventure of a lifetime when she meets the Doctor (who's working as a lecturer) and Nardole (Matt Lucas).

After being confronted by a strange water creature, the trio deal with it by dashing to Australia in the TARDIS, then to a rocky planet 23 million years in the future, before heading into a battle with the Daleks!

But for Bill, it beats serving chips all day…