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Dot says a moving goodbye to Jim

Dot's arrival at Jim's funeral has thrown the Branning family, but they're all happy she decided to come along. Max steps up to do the eulogy for Jim, while Dot also adds her own words. Moved by the day's events and realising that her family needs her, Dot tells Carol she's going to change her plea - she wants to come home.

After the service, Max confesses to Carol he may have put the business in jeopardy as he's been selling stolen cars. Carol convinces Max to ask Phil for help, who agrees to talk to Max the following morning. Meanwhile, Roxy, plagued with guilt over her fling with Charlie, visits Ronnie to tell her the truth.

Linda tries to reassure Mick that she's fine seeing Dean at the wake. Unable to stand his presence, Mick kicks off, telling Dean to leave the Vic. Leaving with Dean, Shirley finds out that Dean has been badly beaten in prison when he shows her his bruises. Shirley asks Phil for a loan, then destroys the Vic's licensee plaque - she wants to buy Linda and Mick out of the Vic!

Also, Babe coldly tells Sylvie about Stan's death; Vincent reminds Ronnie of the time they spent together; Kim tells Denise she's been lying to her...