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Dr Ranj: On Call
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This Morning’s Dr Ranj Singh is bringing more of his medical advice into our living rooms in ITV’s new series Dr Ranj: On Call

Anyone who’s ever wished that calm and caring Dr Ranj was their real-life doctor and on hand to answer pressing queries should watch ITV’s new series Dr Ranj: On Call, in which the resident This Morning medic offers tips and advice on health issues.

It also profiles the vital and often unsung work carried out by the NHS and, tonight, Ranj heads out with the West Midlands Ambulance Service to witness the daily shifts of paramedics. 

Journalist Kylie Pentelow will also explore some of the latest techniques that could change people’s lives and save the NHS millions.

We booked an exclusive appointment with Ranj, 40, to find out more…

Why did you want to do Dr Ranj: On Call?

I’m hugely proud and excited.

It has been my goal to take my day job to people at home.

The aim is to improve the nation’s health by giving useful, digestible information you might not know or that might trigger you to seek help for something worrying you.

We’re bombarded with health stuff – do this, don’t do that, eat this, don’t eat that.

It’s confusing.

We give you what you need to know.

Kylie Pentelow on Dr Ranj: On Call

Co-presenter Kylie Pentelow looks at the latest innovations in Dr Ranj: On Call on ITV

Will you be out and about, too?

Yes, I want to celebrate what the NHS does, so I go on the road with teams from ambulance services to children’s intensive care.

And Kylie, my co-presenter, looks at medical innovations from 3D printing to cancer treatments.

You’ll also be sharing advice on mental-health issues…

Yes, there’s a huge amount of work being done around awareness, but modern-day life has strains.

We show how to look after your own mental health and look out for those you care about.

Be aware of any changes in behaviour, if someone’s struggling at work or with relationships, or if they have developed eating or sleeping problems.

Approach a conversation in an appropriate time and place and don’t judge.

Simply asking, ‘How are you?’ can be powerful.

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