EastEnders Spoilers: Kat Moon is stunned by Stacey Fowler’s accusation!

EastEnders Kat Moon
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Kat is fuming after a confrontation with Stacey, Ian steals Masood’s pitch, and Kim is horrified when Vincent drops a bombshell.

Kat is gobsmacked when a suspicious Stacey corners her. She  accuses her of ignoring Alfie and she comes to the realisation that Stacey must have tried to contact Alfie. She is furious that Stacey has meddled in her life without talking to her first lets her have it, in true mouthy Kat style!  After Kat calms down, the pair have a heart-to-heart about Kat’s kids and how she feels about not having them with her. Stacey is relieved that things seem to be working out when she later overhears Kat arranging to spend time with the boys. Kat tells Stacey she’s planning on taking them to the cinema. But is all as it seems?

Ian is due to see the investor before Masood. When Ian turns up with his pitch he realises he’s picked up Masood’s proposal by mistake! A wily Ian cuts his losses and goes with it anyway. When the investor loves the idea Ian tries to pass it off as his own. Masood finds out what Ian’s up to and storms into the meeting… Will they both lose out?

Meanwhile, a mysterious man Bijan turns up in the Square. What does he want? Also, Kim is baffled by Vincent’s odd behaviour but she’s stunned when he drops a bombshell…

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