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EastEnders spoilers: Iqra Ahmed reveals a love secret

EastEnders Habiba talks to Iqra Ahmed

Iqra Ahmed shocks sister Habiba Ahmed with her romance...

EastEnders’ Mariam and Arshad Ahmed busily prepare for the Eid celebrations. When Iqra Ahmed realises that Bobby Beale is feeling awkward about accepting their invitation to explore Islam further and spend the Muslim festival with them, they have a heart-to-heart. Bobby’s doubts are put aside and he agrees to come over.

But there’s tension in the air between Iqra, her sister Habiba Ahmed and Habiba’s secret affair Adam Bateman, as they struggle to remain civil. Mariam notices that something’s up, questioning the three on what their problem is. With Habiba and Adam’s secret looking set to be blown, Iqra quickly steps in to save the situation.

She announces to a surprised Mariam that she’s dating someone. Habiba thinks Iqra has made up a mystery lover just to put Mariam off the scent but Iqra reveals that she’s not lying. Who could her secret date be?

Callum Highway is stunned when a woman called Vicky turns up looking for him. It turns out that she’s the sister of an ex-army colleague and good friend of Callum’s, Chris, Vicky sadly explains that her brother recently died and she asks Callum to come to the memorial. Callum is in shock over the terrible news as they say an emotional goodbye. Callum’s fiancée Whitney Dean sees them together and wonders what’s upset him.

Kush Kazemi is furious when he finds out from girlfriend Kat Moon why the mother of his son, Stacey Fowler, fled the Square with hubby Martin Fowler. But after initially storming off, he comes back to the Slater household with his stuff, telling Kat he wants to stay with her in case Phil Mitchell comes looking for retribution over his near fatal assault.

Stuart and Rainie kiss

Stuart Highway helps out Rainie Branning.

Also, Stuart Highway helps Rainie Branning out of a tricky situation. Mick Carter lies to his mate Mitch Baker that the doctor gave him the all clear over his recent health scare.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm