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EastEnders spoilers: Will Jack Branning ask Mel to marry him?

Jack gives Mel flowers
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Jack thinks about his future with Mel, while Stuart continues to intimidate the Carters and disaster is about to strike the Square...

Jack Branning is taken aback when Amy asks him when he’s going to marry Mel! But her surprise question sets him thinking.

Jack buys flowers to put on Ronnie’s grave but when Mel sees him with the flowers she thinks they’re for her! After giving Mel the flowers, Jack buys another bunch to take to the cemetery.

Jack has a man-to-man chat with Hunter about his situation with Mel and he’s surprised by Hunter’s reaction. After some encouragement from Max, Jack decides to go for it. Meanwhile, Hunter makes a secret call but who is he getting in contact with?

Stuart turns up at the Vic, horrifying the Carters and he informs them that Halfway came to talk to them. The Carters are furious with Halfway for betraying them and Stuart drops another bombshell on Mick. Determined that Stuart’s intimidation has to stop, Mick pays Stuart a visit. When he arrives at Stuart’s flat, Stuart attempts to goad Mick into taking revenge and Mick explodes.

Tina, meanwhile, is disheartened when she discovers that Dylan has retracted his statement about Stuart. When Dylan reveals that Stuart has been intimidating him, she reassures him that she’ll help to keep him safe, and suggests he stay at The Vic that night.

Halfway asks Whitney to stay with him to make sure she stays safe. After lights out, a restless Mick takes Lady Di for a walk. Meanwhile, Stuart is lying in wait at The Vic. Then a gunshot rings out… Who has been shot?

Also, Dennis has had a run in with Stuart, who tells him he’s got another job for him…

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday