EastEnders spoilers: Keanu Taylor is worried about Dennis Rickman Jnr

EastEnders Keanu Dennis
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Keanu Taylor is worried for Dennis when the gang turn up at the Arches, Shirley and Halfway search for Stuart, and Keegan seeks refuge from the gang.

Keanu is concerned about the rucksack he found hidden in the Arches, but he thinks it belongs to Phil. He tries to have a word with Phil about it but doesn't manage to catch him. When Dennis turns up at the Arches and is clearly looking for the bag, Keanu is shocked. Dennis is followed by the gang, who want the bag, but Keanu says he'll call the police. Phil turns up and threatens the lads to get them to leave. When Phil later finds out that Keanu has shut the Arches early, he's annoyed. Meanwhile, Dennis gets a threatening text from the gang, while Keanu finds something else in the bag...

EastEnders Stuart Shirley

Shirley and Halfway go to Stuart's flat.

Halfway and Shirley listen to a message from Stuart and Halfway fears that Stuart's done something stupid. They head over to Stuart's flat to check on him but find it empty, sending Halfway off on a wild goose chase around Stuart's regular haunts. Shirley returns to the Vic, where she finds Whitney. She tries to talk some sense into Whitney and insists that Halfway needs her.

Keegan and Hunter peel carrots

Keegan is rattled when he sees the gang eyeing up a bike. They're quick to wind him up and as the memories of the stabbing flood back, Keegan retreats to the cafe. When Hunter doesn't turn up for work Keegan offers to help out instead. Hunter later turns up and has a go at Keegan, accusing him of stealing his job.

Also, Honey is worried about her finances so Billy suggests that she and the kids move in with him in the share house!

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