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EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter reaches a new low

EastEnders Linda Carter goes all out for the ’Ball and Change’ winners dinner in Eastenders
(Image credit: BBC/ Gary Moyes)

Linda Carter lets her drinking get out of control, Martin Fowler makes a confession, and a storm is brewing for the Mitchell family.

Linda Carter has a huge fall out with Mick Carter over her drinking in the Christmas Eve episode of EastEnders (opens in new tab) (7.30 pm, see our TV Guide (opens in new tab) for full listings).

With the winners dinner for the Ball and Change competition that evening, Linda Carter is determined to look fabulous after Ruby Allen tells her they’re all dressing up for Christmas. When she makes the humiliating discovery that Ruby was joking, Linda is mortified and she’s soon downing the wine to cover her upset.

The booze goes down too easily and Linda gets drunk and nasty, sharing some harsh words with Ruby. When Mick tries to calm down Linda she also lays into him. Linda is horrified when she realises their young son Ollie Carter has overheard.

An ashamed Linda takes herself out into the Square, where she sits drinking alone. It’s not long before she’s fallen asleep in the Square Gardens, completely oblivious to the fact she’s missing out on Mick’s big festive surprise… their son Lee Carter has arrived for Christmas.

Martin Fowler confides in Sonia in Eastenders

Martin Fowler confides in Sonia Fowler (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Martin Fowler wakes up feeling haunted by what happened the night before but unable to unburden himself to anyone. Sonia Fowler and Bex Fowler are concerned by Martin’s behaviour but despite their best efforts they can’t get him to open up.

Heading out to see Tubbs, Martin is in a panic over what happened. Tubbs encourages Martin to ditch the incriminating van and keep his mouth shut. When Ben Mitchell won’t help Martin with his problem, he finally confesses to Sonia about the fateful night and she is stunned…

Louise and Keanu arrive back in Walford in Eastenders

Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor arrive back in Walford. (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Kathy Beale offers to throw a party for Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor as they return to the Square. The Mitchell and Beale families gather together to celebrate the new parents. But as the families party a dark cloud is brewing, as Phil Mitchell finally knows the truth about Keanu’s ultimate betrayal…

Also, Denise Fox has gathered some information on her arch enemy Sheree Trueman and she’s determined to catch her out.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Christmas Day at 9.30 pm

Rachel Lucas
Rachel Lucas

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