EastEnders spoilers: Max Branning is playing a dangerous game!

Max threatens Phil with the police in EastEnders

Max Branning sets himself up for a fall with the Mitchells and the Carters, Stacey Slater vows to expose Ruby Fowler's lies and Jean Slater plays a prank.

Max Branning puts himself in the firing line with Phil Mitchell AND Mick Carter in Thursday’s episode of EastEnders (7.35 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Max Branning piles pressure on Phil Mitchell to bend to his demands, threatening again that Phil’s misdemeanours will be revealed. Phil is not a man to be blackmailed by the likes of Max but he is left rattled by his insistence that he’ll hand all the evidence against him to the police.

Feeling cornered, Phil comes clean to Sharon Mitchell about what Max is up to. He reveals that Max has enough evidence against him to put him away for a very long time unless he agrees to his demands.

Meanwhile, Max heads off to find Linda Carter and tells her that he’s got a surprise for her that will help both her and hubby Mick Carter. Confused by his hints, Linda suddenly clicks that Max must know about Mick being abused when he was a child.

Jack apologises to Mick in EastEnders

Jack Branning is forced to apologise to Mick Carter after Max Branning reveals a secret

When Linda realises that Max’s policeman brother Jack Branning let it slip following Mick reporting the abuse to the police, she is furious. Jack is horrified that Max has revealed that he passed on confidential information and he rushes off to find Mick..

Despite Jack trying to smooth things over, Mick is fuming. He storms out to find Max and give him what for. After a showdown with Max, all the frustrations and difficulties of recent months boil over. 

When Max suggests Linda is only staying with Mick out of pity he snaps and punches him! He tells him that if he ever goes near Linda again, he’ll kill him…

Martin Fowler is conflicted after finding out from Iqra Ahmed that wife Ruby Fowler tried to do an insurance job on the club which ended up with him in hospital. Not knowing what to do, Martin talks to best mate Kush Kazemi to ask his advice. Kush then talks to Martin’s ex Stacey Slater about Martin’s revelation and admits that Ruby also masterminded his escape plan with his and Stacey’s son Arthur Fowler.

Insisting that Ruby has finally gone too far, a fuming Stacey vows to take matters into her own hands, She also reveals her suspicions that Ruby is lying about being pregnant with Martin’s baby.

Also, Jean Slater and Sharon Mitchell have some fun at Suki Panesar’s expense by stealing a chocolate bar from the Minute Mart!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday 8.35 pm.

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