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EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen forces Hunter to get a job!

Hunter is going to work for Ian
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Ian offers to give Hunter a job at the restaurant, Hayley and Kat have an accident on the moped, and Jay is hopeful about getting a date.

Hunter goes into the restaurant for his first day of working with Ian and Ian’s soon trying tap Hunter for information so he can pry into Mel and Jack’s relationship. Later on, Ian tells Masood that he’s confident that Mel will marry him within the year. But Hunter has overheard! Will Hunter try to use this snippet of information to his own advantage?

Jean is concerned that Hayley is not looking after herself and the baby and she initiates a health kick. When Hayley decides to go out on the moped with Kat to learn some more routes, Jean is horrified. Hayley is quick to allay Jean’s fears but they do end up having an accident and they fall off the bike. When Hayley has a funny turn, Kat and Jean take Hayley to hospital for a check up. Hayley, however, is terrified that Kat will find out she’s pregnant. Will her secret be blown?

Jay and Jessica are getting on

Billy and Jay interview potential housemates, but Billy has a plan to get Jay a date with a new woman and one candidate turns out to be a hit!