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EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen is left terrified after an unwelcome visit

EastEnders Mel Owen and Nicola
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Mel Owen is under pressure after a visit from Ray's other women, an upset Keanu confronts Sharon, and Ruby deals with a shocking incident.

Mel encourages Hunter to open up to her, as she’s concerned about his mood. Irritated by Mel’s fussing, Hunter covers so that he can later sneak out of the house.

When Jack pops round to see Mel and make sure everything is okay, he discovers that Mel has found Hunter missing from the house and is worried. Jack promises to find Hunter and bring him home.

When he finds him in the club trying to chat up girls, Jack is alarmed and insists he go home to his mum. Mel confronts Hunter about his defiant behaviour, but Hunter plays dumb and turns on the tears. Mel comforts Hunter but she’s horrified when Nicola and Maddie turn up, insisting they want to see Ray!

Denise celebrates her 50th birthday at The Vic and invites the locals. At her party, Sharon and Keanu struggle to keep their eyes off each other. Desperate to speak to Sharon, Keanu ends up following her into the ladies.

When he insists he’s missed her, a miffed Sharon makes digs about finding him kissing Louise. Upset, Keanu reminds Sharon that she’s the one who dumped him. They’re interrupted by Louise but Keanu manages to hide and Sharon sneaks him out.

EastEnders Jay Mitchell and Ruby Allen

Jay walks Ruby home after their date

Billy feels bad for ruining Jay’s date with Ruby. In a bid to put things right he makes up an excuse, claiming he’s got a crush on Shirley! Jay walks Ruby home but as he says goodbye, a cry comes up from Ruby – she’s been broken into!

EastEnders Mitch Baker and Mick Carter

Mitch helps Mick when he gets a back injury

Also, Linda’s furious that Mick’s been left with a bad back and insists to Mitch that he gets Mick to the coaching course tomorrow.

EastEnders returns on BBC1 on Thursday