EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell makes a shock discovery!

EastEnders Phil Mitchell Sharon Mitchell and the family
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EastEnders Phil Mitchell is left stunned after Sharon makes a slip up, Kathy opens The Prince Albert, Mick and Linda bond over Ollie.

Sharon is feeling edgy and she snaps at Phil when she’s forced to clear up after Louise. Phil tries to soothe her and offers to help out more, suggesting he cook a family dinner. Later, Sharon looks up termination clinics but is interrupted by Keanu who wants to make sure that there’s no awkwardness between them!

Sharon manages to cover and assures him it’s fine. Sharon leaves the page for the termination clinic open on the computer and Phil sees it! He assumes that Louise must have changed her mind about the baby. What will Sharon do now?

EastEnders Kim Fox

Kim helps Kathy set up for the launch of The Prince Albert

Kathy is nervous ahead of the grand opening of her new gay bar, The Prince Albert. Things are made even worse when Tina goes missing. Needing her staff, Kathy heads to The Vic to find her. Kim can’t wait to get involved and offers to step in. When the launch gets off to a slow start Kathy is worried. But Kim has rallied a crowd and the place is soon buzzing. Kathy has other things on her mind however as she has to leave the launch early… Bobby has returned home!

Sonia and Kush are frustrated that Robbie’s not listening about Sami. But things are about to change when Sonia gets a surprise phone call from Nita – she’s in the country! Nita heads to Albert Square and Robbie locks himself in Kush’s flat with Sami. When Robbie refuses to listen to Nita’s pleas she insists she’s going to call the police. Are things looking bad for Robbie?

EastEnders Linda Carter Mick Carter and Ollie Carter

Linda and Mick sit with Ollie as he plays with his blocks

Also, Mick and Linda come to terms with what’s going on with Ollie. Stuart gives Callum some advice.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8.00 pm

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