EastEnders spoilers: Syed Masood reveals wedding bombshell in this classic episode

Syed Masood in EastEnders
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An iconic EastEnders episode relives one of the Square’s biggest wedding day dramas with a New Year revelation from Syed Masood.

This iconic EastEnders episode jumps back to New Year’s Day 2010 when Syed Masood makes an explosive wedding day confession (7.30 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Syed Masood and Christian Clarke in EastEnders

Chryed became fan favourites

Syed Masood (Marc Elliot) became one half of Walford’s best-loved couples when he fell for Christian Clarke (John Partridge). But the path to happiness for ‘Chryed’ was not easy, as Syed was hiding his sexuality from his family and friends.

EastEnders Syed Masood and Amira Shah

Amira Shah was delighted when Syed Masood proposed (Image credit: BBC)

After moving to Walford with girlfriend Amira Shah (Preeya Kalidas), Syed found his head turned by hunky chef Christian and they began a secret affair. Struggling to reconcile his Muslim faith with his sexuality, Syed broke things off and proposed to an unsuspecting Amira.

A lavish traditional wedding was planned for New Year’s Day but determined not to lose the love of his life, Christian tells Syed’s stunned mum Zainab Masood (Nina Wadia) that he and Syed are in love …

EastEnders Zainab Masood and Christian Clarke

Mother-of-the-groom Zainab Masood is confronted by Christian Clarke (Image credit: BBC)

This episode picks up after Christian’s bombshell, as the wedding party wait for the nuptials to begin. Refusing to believe Christian’s declaration, Zainab slaps him and storms off.

At the wedding venue, bride Amira is looking beautiful as she waits with her father Qadim (Ramon Tikram). Meanwhile, Christian calls Syed and tells him that Zainab knows everything…

Zainab pulls Syed into a side room and confronts him about Christian’s ‘lies’. As Zainab gets more vicious, Syed can’t stand it and he shouts at her to stop. Mother and son look at each other and then the truth spills out of Syed’s mouth. He tells his stunned mum that he is gay and he loves Christian.

Struggling to deal with Syed’s words, Zainab goes on the attack, telling her son that he should have tried harder to repress his feelings. A devastated Syed is left in tears as a steely Zainab can barely look at him, coldly telling him the wedding to Amira must go ahead.

Cowed by her words, Syed takes his place beside Imam Ali (Emilio Doorgasingh). Amira and Qadim enter the venue and the ceremony begins. Meanwhile, a desperate Christian arrives at the venue. Will he stop the wedding?

While EastEnders takes a break, fans will get their Tuesday night Walford fix with classic reruns replacing the regular episodes. EastEnders will return with brand new episodes later in the year.

EastEnders replacement programming continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8 pm

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