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Elliot undergoes brain surgery...

(Image credit: BBC)

Elliot Hope is due to have brain surgery this week and the professor is understandably nervous. But he's in good hands as it's Holby CEO and expert neurosurgeon Guy Self who'll be removing the pituitary tumour that's causing Elliot's Cushing's disease. Elliot's convinced himself it's a 'routine' procedure but it's clear he's worried about the impact the surgery will have on his ability to press ahead with the launch of his artificial heart invention, the Herzig 5.

Meanwhile, Jac intercepts a visit from Paulette, a disgruntled Herzig patient with a possible negligence claim against Elliot. Paulette's joined by Patsy Brassvine from the US hospital trust trialling the Herzig in America. Patsy has concerns about Elliot and, in a private meeting, urges Guy to remove him as leader of the project.

Guy knows Elliot will want to rush back to work - and the Herzig - once he's had his operation.

So when another scan reveals a complication that will make the surgery more risky, Guy suggests postponing. But Elliot reckons Guy's just trying to sideline him and demands that his operation go ahead that day! As Elliot goes under Guy's knife, will he make it through the op and get to see his life's work come to fruition?

Elsewhere at the hospital, Raf resolves not to let what happened between Amy and Harry destroy his marriage. However, when he's asked to help advance Harry's career, he struggles with a painful decision.