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Emmerdale spoilers: Rishi and Manpreet return from holiday with BIG NEWS!

Rishi and Manpreet return but dread telling Jai their news in Emmerdale

Rishi Sharma and Manpreet Jutla return from holiday and arrive at the factory dreading having to tell Jai their big news

Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) and Manpreet Jutla (Rebecca Sarker) return from holiday keen to catch up with their loved ones. But the couple have a bomb they want to drop on Jai (Chris Bisson) and their other children and they're dreading it... Will they 'fess up at the factory? What have they done?

Elsewhere, following Maya Stepney's lie about Leyla, which caused a catfight between her and Tracy, there's an issue which needs clearing up. What will Maya (Olivia Clein) say to sort out the chaos she created having snuck into Tug Ghyll to sleep with her secret teen lover Jacob, who's her boyfriend David's son?

Maya Stepney, Leyla Harding

How will Maya talk her way out of trouble with Leyla and Tracy? (Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Later, tortured teen Jacob (Joe Warren Plant) is stung as his secret lover Maya parades her relationship with his dad David under his nose.

Emmerdale David and Maya

Jacob walks in to find Maya cuddling up to David on the sofa

The second of Thursday's episodes. Please note there is no Friday episode this week.