Essie's held hostage in Holby!

Kaye Wragg plays Essie Harrison in Holby City

Essie's only to happy to help drug addict Ivor... but it's a decision that has serious consequences

Kind nurse Essie Harrison is only too happy to help when Ivor, a joke-cracking drug addict admitted to AAU last week, returns to Holby suffering withdrawal symptoms. Consultant Sacha Levy – Essie’s partner – diagnoses Ivor (Plebs’ star Ryan Sampson) with a pseudo-aneurism and sepsis in his groin from using dirty needles. Ivor and Essie bond as he talks about his struggles to "get clean".

Sacha prescribes methadone for Ivor’s pain but Ivor’s adamant only morphine will work and, while pharmacist Mel agrees, Sacha ignores her. After urging Sacha not to write Ivor off, Essie then discovers he’s done a runner!

Essie finds Ivor in the pharmacy begging Mel for drugs and threatening her with an infected needle and he’s soon holding them both hostage! Mel then suffers an asthma attack but Ivor won’t let Essie get her inhaler. So Essie tries to reason with Ivor by telling him about her own secret past.

Meanwhile, a concerned Sacha is looking for Essie, unaware of the drama unfolding. Just as Essie gets Ivor to agree to let Mel go, Sacha charges into the pharmacy and, fearing Essie’s in danger, pushes Ivor onto the floor that’s covered in broken glass, causing his abscess to rupture and bleed out. Will Ivor survive?

Down on AAU, Serena's already got a lot on her plate with Hanssen on her case and Bernie absent while there's a newly-opened Trauma Bay to run. So she's really thrown when a troubled Jason unexpectedly arrives on AAU with the police not far behind. The day’s events prompt her to make a big decision…

As Dr Jasmine Burrows bursts onto Darwin for her first shift, she doesn’t exactly get off to the best start with Ollie – her mentor. Then when she works alone to save a patient in crisis, it looks like she’s put the future of the entire Darwin team in jeopardy. But will Ollie be impressed?



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