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Fake or Fortune?
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As the latest series of BBC1’s Fake or Fortune? comes to an end, expert Philip Mould talks about why he loves the show so much

Fiona Bruce and art expert Philip Mould (pictured above) head to Italy to track down the painter of a picture of  the Santa Maria della Salute in Venice in the last episode of BBC1’s Fake or Fortune?.

Passed down through his family to magazine publisher Nick Hopkinson, the painting is believed to be the work of either Guardi or Marieschi, who both painted Venice during the 18th Century.

But things take a turn when it’s revealed that the painting wasn’t bought in Italy by Nick’s great-grandparents in the 1880s, as he’d been told, but actually in London 30 years later.

The big question is, will this be by Guardi, making it the most valuable painting Fake or Fortune? has ever looked at, or is it a later English copy?

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With over 30 years in the business under his signature scarf, art expert Philip is having a ball working with Fiona Bruce on Fake or Fortune?.

‘Making this year’s series was fascinating,’ says Philip. 

‘Sometimes you get a feeling about whether a painting is the real deal or not, but I think the unforeseen is lurking around every corner this time.

'We were caught off-guard a few times!’

Fiona and Philip on Fake or Fortune?

Have Fiona and Philip found the most expensive painting they've ever had before on Fake or Fortune?

And Philip says he’s learnt not to get too attached to any piece – no matter how good it looks.

‘You can never be completely sure about anything until you get that final judgement,’ he explains.

‘Sometimes you think you’ve proved it beyond a doubt, only for an expert to reject it.

‘I’ve learnt to rein in my emotions because if I got overly excited I’d end up a sweating nervous wreck!’

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