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Frankie Boyle’s Tour of Scotland – BBC2

Frankie Boyle’s Tour of Scotland
(Image credit: BBC/Two Rivers Media)

The controversial comedian does a series of mini gigs in his homeland to see how it's changed in Frankie Boyle’s Tour of Scotland on BBC2

While one Scottish comedian, Susan Calman, zips up her case (the final episode of Secret Scotland airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 5), this week, another begins a tour of their homeland on BBC2 with Frankie Boyle’s Tour of Scotland.

With perhaps less of a history angle than Susan, Frankie is keen to explore the Scotland of today, ahead of a major tour of live theatre shows around the country, his first proper tour in over a decade.

His aim is to get back in the groove with his people with a series of mini gigs, find out what has changed since he last toured there, and gather some new material along the way...

Frankie and hermit Jake in Frankie Boyle’s Tour of Scotland

Frankie meets hermit Jake in his treehouse in Frankie Boyle’s Tour of Scotland on BBC2

His first leg is from Aberdeen to Oban, where he meets Jake the hermit who lives in a treehouse, visits the environmentally friendly and self-sustaining community of Findhorn, and goes underground at a power station.

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TV Times rating: ****