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Gentleman Jack - BBC1

Anne and the Queen dance in Copenhagen
(Image credit: BBC/Lookout Point/HBO/James Stack)

In Gentleman Jack this week, Anne is having a ball in Copenhagen – but what of Miss Walker?

The epic trials and tribulations, both romantic and financial, of the ever-charismatic Anne Lister have been keeping us thoroughly entertained in this groundbreak series Gentleman Jack. But, as the series concludes, Anne finally gets the chance for some fun as she cuts a dash through Copenhagen and makes an impression on Queen Marie of Denmark (Sofie Gråbøl).

The scenes of Anne in her finery dancing at a palace ball are genius!

But there’s soon news of trouble back in Halifax… Ann Walker, meanwhile, is still languishing in Scotland with the prospect of an unhappy marriage.

With the Sowdens also getting a worrying surprise, everything is set up nicely for plenty more intrigue in series two!

And as writer/creator Sally Wainwright told TV Times, she's got plenty of new stories to tell: "It’s so gratifying to see that people are really engaged with it, especially because I spent so long working on it and it’s been such a big thing for me.

"It’s a wonderful performance from Suranne, and people are really energised by how powerful and confident Anne is.

I’m so glad the audience is getting it, both gay and straight people."

But what about series two? "The single hardest thing about the show is actually what to leave out," says the Last Tango in Halifax writer.

"There is just so much material! It’s really hard to explain to people if you haven’t seen the diaries, but there are 27 volumes with about 350 pages each, in tiny writing.

"It’s incredibly dense and fascinating; Anne’s a great writer. So I’m going to keep the themes going that we started in series one and develop those."

TV Times rating: ****