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Guilty as Elle?

Casualty elle
(Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Connie gets nasty at Elle’s tribunal. Will she ruin her colleague’s medical career?

When Connie takes the stand at doctor Elle Gardner’s tribunal for misconduct, she sticks the knife in with a surgeon’s precision!

Connie still blames Elle for her daughter’s brain damage after last year’s helicopter crash and has made a formal complaint to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. With spiteful Connie in full swing it seems Elle is going to be struck off!

Things look bleak for Elle. Firstly she decides to represent herself during the legal procedure, and then ED colleague Dr Dylan Keogh admits he would have treated Grace’s injuries differently on the day of the helicopter smash.

Poised Connie strikes a series of low blows when she wheels her visibly ill daughter Grace into the hearing. On the stand Connie goes for the jugular and coolly accuses Elle of gross negligence and making drunken threats at Charlie’s wedding reception!

With ill Grace clearly struggling, the judge calls a recess. But while Grace’s parents are arguing outside, Grace collapses in the toilets and has an epileptic fit on broken glass from the bathroom mirror. Elle finds Grace unconscious with a potentially fatal neck wound. While Connie panics and freezes, heroic Elle springs into action and performs a risky procedure, saving Grace!

After Grace is rushed to theatre, Connie and Elle return to the tribunal. Connie drops her complaint and praises Elle’s medical skills.

Also this week, David is super productive at work since he came off his medication, but Robyn is worried about him.

Meanwhile, pregnant Robyn is afraid she’s not ready for motherhood. David gets her a fake baby, but the kind act backfires. Robyn’s confidence crashes further when she discovers everyone’s been taking bets on how well she’d cope with the pretend baby.

Iain reveals to Lily he’s got a visiting order to see his sister, Gem, in prison.