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Halloween horror: Janet Mitchell goes missing with Amy and Riley!

EastEnders - Janet Mitchell Riley Taylor Amy Branning
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Jack Branning and Ingrid’s Halloween party for the children takes a horrifying turn when Janet, Amy and Riley go missing.

Jack and Ingrid host a Halloween party for the kids. Honey drops off Janet, but Janet, Amy and Riley manage to sneak out of the house with Dennis during a game of hide-and-seek. When Jack and Ingrid discover the kids gone, they are in a panic. Meanwhile, Tina has managed to escape her attackers and drive back to the Square. In her distress, she hits something in the road. Tina thinks she’s hit Dave the cat, not realising, it’s a child…

Lauren is stunned as Abi finally admits the truth – that she was in love with Steven. Unable to get her head round what her sister has just told her, Lauren pushes Abi for answers. Soon, more truths come out and the sisters end up in a blazing row. When Lauren finds out that Abi has Steven’s ashes, she decides to take matters into her own hands...

Bex and Louise prepare for a night out with Bernadette, Travis, Shakil and Keegan. Louise is struggling with anxiety about her scars and an innocent prank by Keegan leaves Louise on edge. When a concerned Travis jumps in to defend Louise, it only ends up stressing her out more. Is Travis being over protective?