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Happy birthday Shabnam – you're sacked!

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Shabnam's birthday gets off to a miserable start as she finds out she's being made redundant from the Minute Mart. A chat with Masood then ends badly after he finds out she inherited a large sum of money but kept it secret. Feeling down, Shabnam attempts to open up to Kush. Out of the blue she begins to confess to doing 'something terrible', but instead clams up and passionately kisses him!

Sharon is determined to get the Arches back from Max, concocting an elaborate scheme to get Abi onside. When Max realises Sharon is trying to use his grief to manipulate him, her plan backfires. Later, Sharon gets a disturbing letter, which she shows to Jane...

Stacey gives her statement to the police about Dean. Linda and Mick are hopeful that Stacey's words will add weight to Linda's own statement. Trying to stay positive, Mick is rattled when Stan points out that it's Linda's word against Dean.

Also, Lee makes Stan face up to some truths about dying with dignity, insisting he's putting too much on his family. Jane's patience is tested when Alfie and Ian's bromance affects her plans for a low-key wedding.