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Has Matt ruined Sasha's plans?

When Matt meets Sasha in his school uniform she is fuming that he is repeating year twelve and didn't tell her. Sasha now feels she'll have to reassess her plans, as they wont be able to live together in the city. Meanwhile, Matt spots Spencer in the class and the pair begin to chip away at each other.

Chris asks John if he can volunteer as a lifeguard so John reluctantly gives him a one-day trial. Chris completes a long list of chores for John, who admits anyone can be a lifeguard and there is no need for a trial. John asks Chris to lock up the Surf Club but, as her does so, Josh comes creeping towards the Surf Club with a backpack full of spray paint.

Evelyn doesn't start the new school year on the most positive note and tells Zac the seriousness of Hannah's injuries. With the pressure building, Zac loses his temper with Matt and Spencer in The Diner. Later, Irene checks on Zac and offers him some money, Zac is outraged and tells her to leave.