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Has Simon finally pushed Leanne too far?

As Leanne is lifted into an ambulance, Zeedan goes with her to the hospital while Simon watches on, realising he’s the cause of her injuries. In the hospital, the nurse is suspicious when she notices the bruises on her arms. Leanne plays it down, but the nurse hands her some leaflets on domestic abuse. Deeply upset, Leanne confides in Zeedan that Simon is the cause of all her injuries. Zeedan’s shocked, but Leanne makes him promise not to breathe a word.

Aidan apologises to Fiz and assures her that her job is safe. Later, Fiz and Tyrone tentatively explain to Hope that she’s got a lump in her tummy which needs to be treated.

Michelle implores Carla to get her life back on track and despite assuring Michelle she’s going to pull herself together, it’s clear she isn’t ready.

Kevin takes on another big contract at the garage.