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Heston and Ruhma kiss!

(Image credit: BBC)

Heston and Ruhma argue about parenting and it escalates when Ruhma finds out that Heston went to boarding school - that doesn't surprise her at all. He picks her up on the comment and the argument heightens until, to both their surprise, they kiss!

Valerie tells all and sundry that she and Ashley had the most terrible row last night. Later, Mrs Tembe wants to know if they should go ahead with a management day that Howard had organised but Daniel's ambivalent. Ashley arrives to have it out with Valerie and Mrs Tembe has to step in, saying Valerie needs to keep her personal and professional lives apart.

It's Jimmi's turn to attend the local retirement home where he examines Graham, who grumbles about new resident Brian. When Brian asks out fellow resident Maria and she says no, Graham steps in to ask her out to dinner. She tells him she's in the early stages of dementia but Graham doesn't care - at this age they've all got something wrong with them!