Holby City spoilers: Fletch and Ange go on a HOT date!

Holby City favourites Fletch and Ange on a date
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The chemistry's there and now it finally seems Fletch and Ange are going to get it together. But when they have 'words' on the ward, it looks like they might both end up with a 'meal for one' instead...

After weeks of flirting, consultant Ange Godard (Dawn Steele) and director of nursing Fletch have arranged to go on a proper first date and Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) turns up for his shift all suited-and-booted for the occasion.

Fletch has proved to be a good friend to Ange over the past few months, what with the turmoil of the Holly Cartwright case and finding out that medic Dominic Copeland is her real son.

But it looks like the date might never happen when Fletch and Ange find themselves at loggerheads after Holby boss Hanssen orders Fletch to lay down the law and put a stop to kind-hearted Ange operating out of hours on sick kids for no extra pay.

Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw), Ange (Dawn Steele)

Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) tells Ange (Dawn Steele) she can't do out of hours ops

Thinking he’s blown it, Fletch drowns his sorrows with Sacha and both toast the single life – until Ange turns up later in a stunning red suit ready for their date.

As the pair kiss, their colleagues are thrilled to see them finally act on the growing chemistry between them. But does Fletch secretly still hold a torch for Jac?

Meanwhile, there’s a familiar face on Darwin as Hugh Sachs – better known as Benidorm’s Gavin Ramsbottom – turns up as a patient. Galvo has been in and out of hospital with a serious heart condition and needs further surgery.

But it seems Galvo is not the only one with a problem and he soon notices that medic Cameron (Nic Jackman) seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. And he’d be right as Cameron suspects Chloe’s on-off boyfriend Evan (Jack Ryder) is trying to undermine him. Can Cameron prove he’s not a failure?

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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