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Holby City spoilers: Fletch gets a blast from the past!

Holby Fletch Steven
(Image credit: BBC)

Fletch is unimpressed when his estranged father turns up at Holby…

Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher is having the day from hell. His car's broken down and his children's babysitter has gone AWOL. But the director of nursing's day gets even worse when a face from his past returns.

Fletch manages to get his teenage daughter, Evie, to look after her younger brother Theo. But Fletch panics when Theo's admitted onto AAU with a broken finger and Evie's nowhere to be found. Fletch soon finds out where Evie's been – and who she's been with – when she turns up at Holby with Steven, the dad he hasn't seen for 17 years.

Fletch has no interest in reuniting with Steven and bluntly tells his dad that his family don't need him in their lives! But Evie – who tracked Steven down via social media – clearly loves getting to know her granddad, especially as they chat while Steven fixes Fletch’s car.

Evie pleads with her dad to sort things out with Steven. But later, as father and son talk, Fletch tells Steven he can't trust him not to let his family down. Reluctantly, Steven agrees to stop all contact with Evie. But when Steven goes to say goodbye, Evie’s thrilled when he reveals he's not going anywhere! How will Fletch cope having Steven around?

Meanwhile, Serena and Ric task doctors Nicky and Meena with mentoring the new F1s. But as tech-savvy Nicky and Meena gloat about how they can diagnose major ailments in minutes at the touch of a button, will ‘dinosaurs’ Serena and Ric show them that experience trumps youth?

Also, Hanssen surprises Roxanna with a thoughtful gift. But will his heartfelt gesture backfire?