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Holby City spoilers: Hanssen PLEADS to Sahira for help!

Holby Hanssen Week 14
(Image credit: BBC)

Hanssen begs his oldest friend Sahira to believe him when he claims her poorly father Reyhan abused him throughout his childhood...

Hanssen recently left Sahira shellshocked over revelations her father Reyhan abused him as a child. As he tries to persuade her he’s telling the truth, this week, Sahira is adamant her dad is innocent.

Hanssen cuts quite a lonely figure as he reveals the harrowing details of what happened all those years ago. However, Sahira is not buying it and is certain he's making things up - and when he then suggests Reyhan could now be grooming her son Abs, too, she slaps him!

Holby Sahira Week 14

Sahira has her doubts about Hanssen's allegations about her father's abuse...

Later, Hanssen reveals he’s given a formal statement to police - but Sahira refuses to believe his allegations, and says she’s leaving. Ultimately, it’s Hanssen’s word against Reyhan’s - will Sahira really walk away from her oldest friend when he needs her most?

Meanwhile, on Darwin, Kian is back to his fun-loving self and firing on all cylinders. We then learn it’s the last day of his rehab program and, although he assures mental health nurse Lucky that his drug-taking days are behind him, she demands he take a test to prove it.

Kian agrees because it’s clear he just wants to get back to doing the job he loves and, of course, surgery. But when he scrubs in to help operate on a patient, Lucky is furious! He’s still not allowed… yet.

Holby Kian Week 14

Confident Kian insists he's clean - but is Lucky right to have her doubts?

Kian finally obliges and takes the test and is full of glee when it comes back negative. Lucky has her doubts though - she’s worked with addicts before and she’s not convinced that Kian has stopped using. Is she right to be suspicious - or is Kian finally drug-free and ready to save lives?

Also, when Vicky returns to Holby claiming she needs money to get out of a toxic relationship, Louis vows to help and calls on his grandmother - but she refuses to acknowledge him as her grandson. So, feeling desperate, Louis takes drastic action to help his friend in need…

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.