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Holby City spoilers: Hanssen's back! Can he get the hospital back on top?

Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry) Holby City
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

With Holby City hospital in crisis under power-happy Max McGerry, has wanderer Henrik Hanssen returned from Sweden just at the right time?

Henrik Hanssen took a leave of absence last year to return to his native Sweden with grandson Oskar. But with Holby currently in crisis under acting CEO Max McGerry, everyone is pleased to see him when he returns this week.

Respected surgeon Hanssen has heard the hospital is massively understaffed, and assures Max (Jo Martin) he’s not there to step on her toes, just to help out in a surgical capacity.

Sacha’s thrilled to see Hanssen up on Keller and wastes no time filling him in on the staff cuts and ‘backdoor privatisation’ that’s occurred under Max’s reign. Hanssen surprisingly jumps to Max’s defence, however, saying she’ll have her reasons for the decisions she’s made.

Holby Hanssen Sacha

Sacha (Bob Barrett) is thrilled to see his friend and colleague Hanssen back on the wards...

Meanwhile, Dominic (David Ames) is stunned to find mum Carole (Julia Deakin) has been admitted for bowel surgery. It’s a fairly routine op but Carole’s still extremely nervous. So she’s reassured when she learns her old friend – and one-time dance partner – Hanssen will be her surgeon.

Carole’s most concerned about needing a colostomy bag, and begs Hanssen to do what he can to avoid it. Hanssen certainly feels the pressure in theatre and when Carole develops a bleed he’s uncharacteristically forced to call for back-up.

Holby Sacha Carole

Carole (Julia Deakin) and Hanssen became firm friends before he left for Sweden. Can he help her now?

Carole’s grateful to Hanssen for going the extra mile for her and it seems Max, too, is pleased with Hanssen’s contribution that day. Hanssen insists he’s there purely to help as a surgeon until she’s ready to hand back the reigns as CEO. But is he really on Max’s side as much as she thinks?

Meanwhile, with Dominic not even aware mum Carole was ill, the worried medic finds that Ben is a massive support to him as she undergoes her surgery. When Dom thanks him, however, he’s stunned when Ben – whose dating Essie – responds with a kiss!

Also, Xavier is less than impressed when Cameron gets to play the hero again, and Jac is anxious as she prepares to see daughter Emma for the first time since her breakdown. Can Fletch help allay her fears?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.