Holby City spoilers: Is this the END for Jac?

Rosie Marcel plays Jac Naylor in Holby City Week 5
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Confronted by a crazed gunman, fearless surgeon Jac Naylor makes a decision that could prove fatal…

It's panic stations at Holby City this week - there's a gunman on Darwin ward and Jac Naylor finds herself in the firing line.

We all know how Jac (Rosie Marcel) had vowed to support lover and colleague Kian Madani (Ramin Karimloo) through his drug addiction but, last week, events took an unexpected turn when Remi, the boyfriend of Kian’s drug dealer Sarah Jane, came onto Darwin ward with a gun. As he started shooting, it remained a mystery who’d been hurt.

Holby City Week 5 gunman Remi

Remi wants to escape with Sarah Jane and he won't let anyone - including Jac - stand in his way...

As Remi’s plan to escape with prisoner Sarah Jane has now turned into a hostage situation, the hospital is slammed into a security lockdown, and Jac finds herself staring down the barrel of Remi’s gun…

It has to be said that Kian isn’t exactly helping the situation when he pockets a scalpel, clearly to use in self-defence. Jac’s furious that he would put all their lives in jeopardy - and she also learns this episode that Kian’s priority in life is drugs - NOT her!

Holby City Jac and Kian held hostage Week 5

Jac's life is in serious danger - and Kian's not helping when it's discovered he's hiding a scalpel...

As Jac and Kian try and treat Sarah Jane and her wounded prison officer, armed police descend on the hospital. But Remi is now more erratic and turns his gun once again on Jac - who tells him to shoot!

Has Jac's reign as Holby's resident Ice Queen really come to an end?

Meanwhile, with the hospital in lockdown due to a hostage situation on Darwin, Cameron and Jeong find themselves trapped in an operating theatre trying to save patient Jude despite being out of their depth.

Cameron needs the expertise of a CT surgeon, so he calls on Nicky to talk him through a complicated procedure which he clearly struggles to perform.

Nic Jackman is Cameron Dunn in Holby City

Cameron's up to his old tricks again. But is he about to be discovered?

However, when they return to the ward, Cameron delights in telling Josh the surgery was easy. But Jeong reveals what really happened in theatre and warns Josh that Cameron is not to be trusted…

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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