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Holby City spoilers: Frieda gets a blast from the past!

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Frieda's ex Roman is back at Holby - but still heartbroken from being rejected by him previously, the feisty surgeon doesn't want to see him...

Frieda Petrenko was left heartbroken when her former flame Roman returned to his native Ukraine last year after she'd offered to give them another chance. So the surgeon's furious when he turns up at the hospital with a banner that reads: 'Frieda, talk to me'.

Despite Roman declaring he loves her, Frieda (Olga Fedori) refuses to listen. That is until Roman (Marko Leht) reveals he's been working for a violent gang and wants to shop them to the police. Roman, however, is in the UK illegally and Frieda fears if he alerts the authorities he'll be deported.

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Roman pleads with Frieda to hear him out. But at first it seems the lady's not for turning...

It seems Roman has bigger problems, though, when he collapses. It turns out he has severe internal injuries having been repeatedly beaten by the gang and now requires urgent surgery.

It's clear Frieda still has feelings for Roman and begs Jac to let her assist in theatre. Frieda's relieved when the operation is a success – but then Roman suffers a cardiac arrest. Will he survive?

Meanwhile, Xavier knows that if he really wants to impress new love Donna, he has to win over her daughter Mia. But as he strives to gain Mia's approval, will he end up overstepping the mark and annoying Donna instead?

And a tragedy on Darwin forces warring medics Cameron and Nicky to put aside their differences.

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.