Holby City spoilers: Was Hanssen's abuser Reyhan MURDERED?

Guy Henry plays Henrik Hanssen in Holby
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In the aftermath of Reyhan's death, Fletch has cause to believe he died in suspicious circumstances. Will a post-mortem confirm his worst fears?

There were shocks aplenty as Henrik Hanssen's evil abuser, Sahira’s father Reyhan Shah, died at the end of last Tuesday's Holby. This week, as medics Kian and Chloe assess the deceased man’s condition, he doesn’t appear to have died of natural causes, and the pair are forced to raise the alarm with Fletch.

Tensions had certainly been running high. Reyhan had been goading Hanssen about how no one would believe his allegations in court. Then Sahira, who hadn’t believed Hanssen’s claims, then discovered her father HAD been abused her own son, Abs! Both had motive… but could either of them be capable of murder?

Reyhan Shah Holby City

Did somebody kill evil abuser Reyhan (Raad Rawi) in an act of revenge?

As Fletch orders a post-mortem to determine the cause of death, Hanssen says he wants to see the Coroner’s report - but only boss Fletch is allowed to look at it. When Hanssen says he’s changed his mind about returning as CEO, will Fletch gladly step aside?

TV tonight Holby City

Under pressure? Will Fletch decide he can't handle being CEO?

Meanwhile, as he recovers on Keller ward from his op, Dominic forms a bond with nurse Claire, who’s been admitted with stomach pains, which turn out to be an ectopic pregnancy. After 10 failed attempts at IVF, Claire and her partner Mags think they should give up trying for their miracle baby.

With Dom feeling optimistic about the future following his own surgery and better off financially since his payout from the hospital, can he give Claire and Mags the hope they need to carry on pursuing their dream of becoming parents?

Dominic Holby City

Unsung hero: Can Dom (David Ames) help Claire and Mags fulfil their dream?

Also, it seems Lucky has developed a crush on Kian, as they work together on the case of fugitive Andrei, the guy who Kian recently discovered was being used as a drug mule. Then, after surgery, Andrei then discovered Kian had taken a load of the drugs!

Wanting to keep their secret, secret, Kian lies to Lucky that he has notified social services about Andrei. However, we then discover Kian has decided to take Andrei home to live with him. Will Lucky ever uncover the truth? And will it colour how she feels about Kian?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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