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Holby City spoilers: What's Gaskell's secret?

Holby City spoilers: What's Professor Gaskell's secret?
(Image credit: BBC)

Who is the professor's mystery overseas patient?

When Professor John Gaskell first arrived at Holby last year, viewers learned he'd been visiting a woman in a coma at a hospital in Lisbon, Portugal. As Gaskell returns to Lisbon, this week, the truth about 'Patient X' is revealed.

As the episode begins, Gaskell (Paul McGann) is back in Lisbon standing over the hospital bed of 'Patient X'. In his thoughts, he promises the patient: 'You will have a life again.'

After one success and one failure, Gaskell's hell-bent on proving his pioneering stem cell procedure works, so he dashes back to Holby to operate on Mara Sandhurst, who he's convinced he can help walk again.

When Mara develops an infection, neurosurgeon Roxanna MacMillan reckons they should postpone her surgery. The medic, however, is adamant Mara's op MUST go ahead and he takes great risks to ensure it's a success.

Later, Gaskell's back in Lisbon where, in a conversation with a former colleague, the truth about his involvement with 'Patient X' is finally revealed. Having now successfully cured two patients, can he now save 'Patient X'?

Meanwhile, an unexpected discovery throws Dom's career as a surgeon into doubt, which leads him to question things closer to home.

Also, when a patient's angry relative questions Fletch's integrity, he's forced to find a way to play the management game without giving up his soul.