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Holby City spoilers: Will Kian be BETRAYED by Lucky?

Holby W22 Kian Madani
(Image credit: BBC)

As he battles to treat an badly beaten Andrei at Holby, can troubled surgeon Kian Madani still count on Lucky for support?

Holby medic Kian Madani (Ramin Karimloo) is trying to focus on work while worrying about Andrei, who's still missing. So he's shocked when a panicked Evie alerts him that Andrei's turned up at the hospital, badly beaten, seemingly by the drug dealers he works for.

Kian rushes to Andrei's aid and re-admits him to the hospital, where he can finally perform the heart surgery Andrei desperately needs and look after him. And he’s grateful to colleague Lucky for not reporting vulnerable Andrei to social services.

Fletch, however, isn't nearly as understanding. He recently warned Kian he didn't want his daughter Evie getting mixed up in anything dodgy and, when he learns Lucky hasn’t already reported Andrei to social services, he’s furious and warns, if she doesn’t call them, he will! Should Lucky betray Kian to do the right thing?

Holby City Lucky Simpson

Will Lucky (Vineeta Rishi) put her personal feelings before her professional judgement?

Meanwhile, junior medic Josh becomes Holby's resident heartthrob this week when Chloe sends him a sexy selfie. Her attention makes him feel uncomfortable, though, as he decides he's not interested in her and it's definitely her mother, Ange, he wants!

As their feelings intensify, Josh and Ange agree they will become an 'exclusive' couple but don't openly announce their relationship. However, their secret is soon revealed when they’re spotted coming out of the on-call room by a shocked Dom and Chloe!

Holby Josh and Ange

Is Josh (Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge) and Ange's (Dawn Steele) secret liaison about to be made public?

Also, it's the day of Max's invasive surgery. Holby's former CEO is understandably nervous and scared, and it soon becomes apparent that she feels that Trieve is too close a friend o operate on her, so Dom - on his first day as Acting Clinical Lead - takes over.

Holby City Max McGerry

Max (Jo Martin) is anxious about her op - will she get the support she needs?

As Max recovers from her op, she's full of hope, as she finally bonds with son Louis.

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.