Inside Cadbury: Chocolate Secrets Unwrapped - C4

Exterior shot of the factory with the Cadbury sign
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Love chocolate? Inside Cadbury: Chocolate Secrets Unwrapped will take you to your happy place!

In Inside Cadbury: Chocolate Secrets Unwrapped, Britain’s biggest chocolate maker, Cadbury, reveals what goes into making some of the world's most famous bars.

Follow scientists as they are tasked with reducing sugar in Dairy Milk without changing its taste. The obesity crisis and concerns about the amount of sugar in everyday items means that firms like Cadbury – fairly or unfairly (no one's hiding the sugar in chocolate, after all) – are in the spotlight.

Adam Harris, Cadbury lead scientist

Want his job? Adam Harris, Cadbury lead scientist

For Cadbury, Dairy Milk is their flagship chocolate bar on which the reputation and fortunes of the company have been built. Can the new bar match up to its legendary predecessor?

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And – a real touch of the Willy Wonkas here – we see how this year’s Easter Creme Egg campaign is going. Cadbury agents "reverse shoplift" as they hide prize-winning white eggs around the country.

If you've got a sweet tooth, this one's for you.

TV Times rating: ***