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Is Tess quitting the Holby ED?

(Image credit: BBC/Jay Brooks)

Talented nurse Tess Bateman weighs up her future and makes a life-changing decision in this week’s Casualty… Last week viewers saw Tess moved by the plight of Charlie’s drug-addicted son, Louis, who stole her crucifix to buy drugs. Reminded of her own son, Sam, Tess left a voice message with her boy asking him to get in touch.

And this week, Sam does just that by turning up in the ED unexpectedly with his newborn son, Charlie, in tow!

While Tess is coming to grips with becoming a granny, Sam drops another bombshell on his mum – he and baby Charlie need her help. After serious consideration, Tess makes the monumental decision to walk away form her career and start a new life in Leeds with her family.

Elsewhere, troubled doctor Dylan’s mental health problems come to a traumatic conclusion. He has a complete breakdown while treating a patient, and Connie signs him off work.

Meanwhile, Ethan makes a decision about his future and asks Noel for permission to date his sweet daughter, Honey. She overhears and accepts wholeheartedly!

An overly enthusiastic Big Max volunteers himself to be Max’s best man! However, he relinquishes his duties when he realises Lofty is the right man for the job – and in need of the confidence boost after Dylan publically lambasts his professional capabilities.