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Jack knows the stalker's target is Steph

Jack Scully in Neighbours

Will Jack warn Steph about the stalker?

Believing Steph is safe with Mark for the afternoon, Jack asks an older priest for permission to alert Steph and the police. The priest is clear that Jack must stay quiet, leaving him with a dilemma.

When Steph tells Mark she doesn't want to live with him, an argument ensues and Steph is left alone in the house. When Jack finds out he rushes round there - but will the stalker hiding in the house get to Steph before Jack does?

Ben wants Maureen Knights to admit to assaulting Cooper. But Tyler warns Ben to tread carefully, offering to help by talking to Cooper…

Mark delivers the news that Gary is now cleared of any suspicion of assaulting Cooper - but Xanthe must still decide if she will pursue her complaint about Cooper's assault.